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Admission of students is liable to be cancelled at any stage with the discovery of non-fulfilment of eligibility criteria, error in information, misconduct, indiscipline and violation of rules. The College shall not be held responsible for cancellation of admission.

Strong disciplinary actions like suspension, expulsion or issuance of transfer may be taken against a student for his such actions, or torts, that may damage the spirit and image of the College, or break peace and tranquillity or discipline of the College.

If any student simultaneously pursues similar courses in any other institution during his/her study in this College, his admission / registration of this College shall be cancelled.

A student who shall be found Reported Against in any Examination of the University shall be expelled from the College.

If any student is found to be misbehaving or involved in such actions that are wrought with evil intentions/ulterior political motives to damage the image of the College or pollute its environment, he/she shall be expelled from the College.

If any student fails consecutively for two years in the same subject (Hons/subsidiary), he/she may be issued transfer from the College.

Or, any such action(s) by the student, that be deemed by the College authority as sufficient cause for expulsion/transfer of the student, he/she shall be expelled/transferred.

An undertaking shall be obtained from the student on the ground that he/she shall abide by the rules of the College.

Name of a student may be struck off the Rolls of the College, if his/her number of attendance falls shorter than what is expected, through review at a regular interval of three months. He/she may be debarred from the University examinations if his/her attendance is below 75%, or he/she shall be considered discollegiate as per the University Rules.

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