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Founder of the College


Professor Al-haj Roushan Ali, M.A, B.T, D.M.S, is the founder of the College. He was an educationist, philosopher, philanthropist and true lover of the oppressed and backward people in particular and humanity in general. He was in the literal sense a pious Muslim. In his lifetime he was engaged in many social activities and generously donated most of his wealth in the cause of his wealth in the cause of education. His notable achievements in the field of social work are the founding of a high school and the Minority Degree College.

He also authored an important book on the unity of different communities on the basis of Divine books, entitled as VED, BIBLE O QURAN E EKASHWARBAD (Monotheism in the Vedas, Bible and the Quran).

This noble man died on 22 February, 2014. Let us pray that his departed soul may rest in peace and honour in the beautiful Jannat (Heaven).

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