Minutes of IQAC

Minutes of IQAC

A meeting of IQAC of Al-Ameen Memorial Minority College was held on 15/01/2019 at 3 P.M in the Teachers ‘ Room.

The meeting was Chaired by Prof. (Dr.) Nurul Haque, Principal of the College. 

Resolutions adopted

Different Sub- Committees were formed and major tasks to be performed by them were assigned. 

1)Sub – Committee on Students’ Enrollment and creation of their profile. 

The sub – committee to be headed by Prof. Golam Rasul Halder

2)Sub – Committee to review progress of syllabus of the University  in a qualitative manner.

It is headed by Prof. Bablu Naskar

3) Sub – Committee to monitor Teaching Learning Process.

It is headed by Prof. Swarnendu Ghosh.

4) Sub – Committee on Examination and Evaluation 

It is headed by Prof. Dipankar Manna.

5) Special Sub – Committee on B.Ed Course .

It is headed by Prof. Rajib Jana.

6) Sub – Committee on Providing Students’ Facilities.

Headed by Prof. Sk. Asgar Ali.

7)  Sub -Committee on Library Development was formed.

It is headed by Mr. Asadulla Khan.

8) Sub – Committee on Cultural Development 

Headed by Prof. Dilip Kumar Haldar.

9) Sub – Committee to organize Seminars, Debates, Extempore, etc.

Headed by Prof. Matin Ahmed.

10) Sub – Committe on Games and Sports.

Headed by Prof. Sanchari Ghosh 

11) Sub – Committee on Budget Management

Headed by Mr. Asadulla Khan.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.